Home and Office Automation

Whether you are looking to simplify your penthouse, entertain and engage your clients or excite your family at home, we can design and deliver the ideal automation system for your needs. Our Home and Office Automation systems are designed to turn your property into the ultimate experience of luxury and convenience. When you choose an Automation system from iQ Comms, you will benefit from:

  • Complete control over the audio visual (AV), lighting and environmental devices and equipment throughout your property
  • Remote control: by using a cloud-based interface, you can control your home or office automation remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Improved home and office security and safety. Install an access control system that can be operated using unique card keys, access codes or biometrics. Monitor your CCTV and webcams either in your home or office, or from any location you desire 
  • Energy savings, by installing intelligent lighting systems and the latest energy saving technologies to reduce the power consumption of the devices and equipment in your premises
  • An end to the arguments about who plays what music or watches what TV where. You can enjoy a networked viewing device in every room and allocate audio zones, so you can be listening to your favourite sounds in the lounge and other family members can enjoy their music in the kitchen or bedrooms
  • A choice of your complete digital video and audio collection from a central file server, or on-demand movies and TV via the internet, available on any of your devices anywhere in your home
  • Invisible devices or equipment. Invisible sound systems supplied by our partner Amina and furniture from our partner Crestron disguise video/TV screens behind works of art, or in walls or ceilings. The monitors only become visible when you wish to use them.

Your Home and Office Automation possibilities are virtually limitless. This is how it can work:

  • Connect and control audio and video devices with your family’s – or your business’s – entire music and video collection stored on a central server
  • Control heating, lighting, air conditioning, ventilation and windows, blinds and curtains from a single touchscreen device, or intelligently using sensors to a pre-programmed setting
  • Control shading and windows, curtains, blinds, privacy glass and even the plumbing, hot water and shower temperature
  • Monitor, control and respond to your property’s CCTV and any webcams using a web browser; you can also control access to your property using a variety of traditional and/or biometric keys 
  • Create multiple pre-set programmes for all devices, equipment and furniture that adapt every parameter of your home or office to suit your mood, an event, the season, time of day, or anything that you might wish
  • You can be staying in your holiday apartment in Cannes and control when the lights go on in your apartment in Chelsea via a cloud-based control interface.

We design and install Home and Office Automation Systems into new build properties and can retrofit systems into your existing premises. 

Contact us to find out how we can help you to design and install automation systems into your home or office.